Salesforce Expertise You Can Trust

We're a small firm doing big things in Salesforce. We help our clients get the most value from their investment. And trust is our name. Literally.

“I’ve worked very closely with Amana Labs on several major Salesforce initiatives. Sardeie combines deep technical expertise and user-centered design, building every solution with an eye for scalability and maintainability. He helped us alleviate pain points around communication, data silos, and bad user experiences in Salesforce. For each project, Sardeie designed an elegant solution leveraging custom Salesforce Communities, Single Sign-On, custom API integrations, and more. Above all, Sardeie is a joy to work with – he’s a fantastic communicator, collaborator and has been an indispensable partner to me on all my projects.”
Dina Nawas
Senior Product Manager, CRM & Identity Management

Why Amana?


Amana means trust in Semitic languages. It is the foundation on which we build our client relationships, and it is our #1 priority.


Developing custom solutions on the Salesforce platform is our core competency. And it is one we love doing.


We help our clients remove the barriers to getting the most value from Salesforce. You paid for it. Why not tailor it to fit your business?



Make Salesforce Your Own

You have already made the investment. We help you gain the most value from it.

You purchased Salesforce licenses, configured it as best as you can, and have transformed your business as a result. But no software will fully fit your needs out of the box because your business is unique.

We help you customize your Salesforce instance so you can gain the greatest return on your investment. Whether it's adapting Salesforce to your unique sales process, automating your workflow so you can focus on higher-value tasks, or creating easy-to-use interfaces to support user adoption, we can help you make Salesforce your own.

Connect Your Entire Business

Integrate your applications to gain a unified view of your business.

You use many applications, most of which do not communicate out of the box. Integrating them helps you gain better visibility into your entire business and achieve greater levels of operational efficiency.

The Salesforce platform provides robust support for integration with other cloud-based applications. We can help keep your data in sync across systems, create custom user experiences that allow users to simultaneously interact with different applications, and seamlessly connect your applications to give you a unified view of your business.

Build on the Salesforce Platform

Take advantage of the powerful platform available as part of your license.

You haven't just purchased a sales, service, or marketing application. You also purchased a license to build on the premier cloud platform for businesses.

We provide application development services for both internal and external users. Whether you'd like an application to manage your organization's events or you want to create rich dashboards to sell to your customers, we are your trusted partner in bringing your application needs to life.


Form Assembly


  • 1

    We set up a quick intro meeting and briefly discuss your business needs and how we can help.

  • 2
    Detailed needs assessment

    Once we agree to engage, we'll set up another meeting to have a detailed discussion of your needs.

  • 3
    Solution review

    We'll review together suggested solutions, talk through potential trade-offs, and decide which one to adopt.

  • 4

    We build the adopted solution, keeping you in the loop on the project status as we go.

  • 5
    Testing & sign-off

    You review the deliverables, test to ensure they meet the agreed-upon requirements, and approve their deployment.

  • 6

    We continue to support you and the deliverable as your business needs evolve.


Our location

102 W Main St #279, New Albany, OH 43054

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